Hello 'Readers.'

For as long as I can remember, I have been an avid reader. When I was younger I read pages and pages, held a flashlight under my covers to read and stay up past curfew, wrote many a fanfiction, and never went anywhere without a book or two with me. Now, not much has changed.

I'm always the person to push books onto my friends, to wax poetic about whatever book I'm currently reading, to not be able to leave a bookstore without buying anything. The best indicator of how deeply someone understands me is whether they can pick a book I end up loving.

So, I decided to create a space where I can share my love of literature, catalogue my journeys through space and time, and record my thoughts for anyone who is interested - even if it's just me. This is that space so without further ado... enjoy!

**I have a reading list that's probably longer than a library but I am always happy to take suggestions for new reads. If you've read something recently that you think I should too, please let me know!