Middlemarch, George Eliot

I will update this review as I read this novel and will include a more comprehensive review once I finish it. Until then, here is a list of assorted + jumbled thoughts for your enjoyment: 

  • Dorothea is incredibly annoying at least in the beginning and I feel like if I met her in person she would patronize me and I wouldn't like her. In contrast, Celia seems much more practical and underappreciated. 
  • Because of this I'm kind of glad that Dorothea tied herself down in a marriage to old, pretentious Casaubon but I feel like she will very quickly regret it and have a realization that he's really not worth her time. 
  • Fred Vincy is wonderful and I really like Mary Garth. Rosamund is a little much for me - she needs to appreciate her home and family more (does this make me sound like an old woman because I stand by it). 
  • Okay so while I still think Dorothea was a little (read: a lot) hasty in getting married, I'm glad she's opening her eyes more. She's way more of a catch than her husband is so I'm digging the start of the relationship with Ladislaw. 
  • I'm over 200 pages in and I still feel like I don't know the characters all that well. This is definitely a slow-starter so I'm trying to be patient but it feels like there's a little more actions starting to happen... I guess I'll see.